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Rob with Star
Rob Faeth

Rob is the manager and co-owner of Faeth's Fowl Play and has the following credentials:

  • Iowa Hunter Safety Instructor
  • NRA certified Rifle & Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • ATA Trapshooting Coach


Pictured here with his Brittany Spaniel,  Star.


Randy with Sargent and Charlie
Randy Faeth (1960-2015)

Randy is a co-owner of Faeth's Fowl Play and has guided hunts since the day Fowl Play began.  He loves to share his love of hunting with the younger generation and has loads of patience in working with first time hunters.  Randy is also an:

  • Eagle Scout
  • Assistant Scoutmaster for a local troup

Pictured here with his two Llewellin Setters, Sargent and Charlie.


James Dean

James started guiding at Faeth’s Fowl Play in 2016. He has been breeding English Springer Spaniels and German Shorthair Pointers for over 10 years. He is working to bring back the Picardy Spaniel a French Pointing Spaniel into the United States. His dogs work hard in the field and are spoiled at home with his family. James is an outdoors man, that loves to hunt. He enjoys training and working his dogs with his daughter Addison who also spoils all of the puppies. In his spare time he enjoys his family, friends, 4 wheeling, and riding motorcycles.

Pictured here from left to right are Springers Snaps and Jody. Picardy Lolitta, James and Shorthair Rita.


Bob Bartz

Bob is a long-time friend of Rob Faeth and guides at Fowl Play every chance he gets. Bob has extensive experience over the years, guiding hunts in the uplands of North Dakota.

Bob is also:

  • NRA Shotgun ATA Instructor

Pictured here with his Llewellin Setter, Tuck.


Chuy Garcia

Chuy is a friend of Rob Faeth and has been guiding at Fowl Play for at least six years. He and his son Greyson spend most of their time guiding or training their four setters at Fowl Play, but also enjoy traveling to different states for upland hunting.

Pictured here with two of his Llewellin Setters, Jack and Jess.


Greyson Garcia (future guide)

Literally following in his dad's footsteps, Greyson is shaping up to be a future guide at Fowl Play. He spends most of his time there with his dad Chuy training their Llewellin Setters and tagging along on hunts.

Pictured here with one of his Llewellin Setters, Jack and a quail Jack retrieved.



Dogs  (click on photos to enlarge)


 (English Pointer)

 (German Shorthair)

(German Shorthair)


Jenny  (German Shorthair)


Guiness   (Llewellin Setter)


Charlie   (Llewellin Setter)

 (Llewellin Setter)

 (Llewellin Setter)

 (Llewellin Setter)

 (Llewellin Setter)

Jodi  (English Springer)

Lolita  (Picardy Spaniel)

Lucy Lou (English Springer)

Snaps (English Springer)

Rita (German Shorthair)


Faeth's Fowl Play

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